The Different Steroid Dosing Regimens

Neuromuscular specialists may prescribe different regimens of steroids. These guidelines have tried to establish a clear method to using steroids effectively and safely based on regular assessments of function and side effects (see Figure 4).

  • Prednisone and deflazacort (sold as Emflaza in the US) are the two types of steroids that are mainly used in Duchenne. They are believed to work similarly. Ongoing trials of these drugs are important and should help us understand the relative benefits of each better
  • The choice of which steroid to use depends upon your/your family’s preference, your specialist’s preference, availability of the steroid in your country, the cost of the steroid, and the perceived side effects. Prednisone has the advantage of being inexpensive. Deflazacort may be preferred to prednisone by some because there may be a slightly lower risk of weight gain and behavioural problems, but it also comes with a slightly increased incidence of growth delay and cataract development