Dysphagia Interventions

  • Clinical and X-ray tests of swallowing are necessary when these symptoms are seen
  • In case of swallowing problems, a speech and language therapist (SALT) should be involved to help you to develop an individualized treatment plan with the goal of preserving good swallowing function
  • Gastric tube placement may be discussed if efforts to maintain your weight and fluid intake by mouth seem insufficient
    • The potential risks and benefits of placing a G-tube should be discussed in detail
    • A gastrostomy tube may be placed several ways. You should discuss the surgical and anesthesia risks, as well as your personal preference, when making a decision
    • A G-tube provided at the right time can relieve the pressure of you always trying to eat enough food to maintain your calories
    • If your swallowing muscles are strong, having a feeding tube does NOT mean you can’t still eat the food you want to! It just takes away the stress of consuming enough calories and the other nutrients you need, as you can supplement nutrition with your G-tube